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Some things in life just need no explanation. Sometimes art is just purely art for the sake of the joy it produces. more »


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It's 2:29AM, and having just arrived home from an evening spent with Sarah Jo, Sven, Drew, and Chaz, I'm in a rather somber mood. Despite approximately twelve dollars' worth of candy, half a twelve-pack of Pepsi, The Italian Job, and The Spy Who Knew To… more »


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There are times for everyone when life deals out a suspicious looking hand that leaves one without even a remote idea of what to do with it. Does one lay down the ace and sock it to the man or, perhaps, simply bide his time until a more appropriate occa… more »


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Some people are totally, utterly lame. I'm groping for a better, more descriptive word, but seriously, "lame" trumps all in this case. The supermarket was busy today when I went with Mrs. A. We stood in line with our cart overflowing with all of fi… more »


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I was a trendsetter before my time. You think YOU were the first person in Seattle to start the emo glasses trend? You think YOU are more eighties rock than all others? Well you were wrong. Dead wrong. I was sporting the look back in '92, way befo… more »
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Work tomorrow, and then from there, Drewey and I head up north for Weddingpalooza. He's playing violin, I'm singing with Svenson, and under Handzel's capable direction I will hopefully be helping with the food (and don't you DARE laugh). Rah, rah, shish… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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