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For Heidi, Crystal, and Chera, since this was waaahahaay too long to post under your comments in the post below. :) Oh man, yes. He has a gift. I figured I loved Derek Webb's work way back when as I listened to all my Caedmon's records and in all of… more »


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Derek Webb was incredible, as usual, tonight. I really have so much reeling around in my head that I'd like to write out, but I just can't get it into sentences for tonight, at this late hour. God has used this man so much in my life and I've never spok… more »


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It is apparently that time of the year again where I have bi-weekly crashings that result in tears, extended hugs with my Mummy, and headaches. I think I take care of pretty much all my crying for the year in these days, leaving little waterworks left… more »


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Thanks, James. You are (as you know) quite a wonderful sort. I hope you know that you have made my crummy day considerably cheerier. Except that my crummy day was, technically, yesterday. :) more »
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Somehow today feels like it might be a crummy day. The jury is still out for the moment. So perhaps I'm just making assumptions, and we all know what happens when you assume things. Which is quite appropriate for the occasion, actually, because that, my… more »


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Somehow it just so happens that the nights you need to go to bed the earliest, you end up staying up the latest. I just can't sleep tonight. more »


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Lying in a bed, supine and helpless, a diaper between the legs, arms contorted with contractures and misfired neural impulses, it's difficult to find the human within at all, really. So fully man, yet so fully child all at once, lacking the ability to c… more »


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I think that nursing is teaching me how to love a little more daily. Or rather, God, through nursing, is teaching me to love a little more each day. When I'm in heaven, I hope my Father gives me the job of holding the little babies with trachs and s… more »


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If every weekend was like this, I'd never bother going back to school. But they aren't, unfortunately. I went back today. Thanks, clinical instructor, for reading the entire 50-page syllabus out loud to us for seven hours. You make me want to be a… more »


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Today has been quite a day. It was my last day working the desk at the chiropractor's. I'm sure that doesn't sound like much of a big deal, but to me it really is. I complain a lot about crazy office stuff and crazy coworkers and crazy patients, but I'v… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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