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In so many words, the Huckjam was awesome, sweet, sick, and radtastic. Tony Hawk still looks a spry thirty-five or so, and Andy Macdonald wiped out a total of six successive times, and it was alllll good. It was a whole lot of fun, loud music, yelling,… more »


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...I just got off the phone with one John Pham. I love the comfort of old friends, those people you wish you grew up with in the same town but didn't. The types who you don't talk to nearly enough. The one who make you smile with their sincerity. It's t… more »
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But tonight, Tess is back from Maine, Chaz is back from being cloistered at his computer in his room, I'm back from work, and Drewey is back from Nova Scotia and then it hits me - I love having everyone here. I miss them all, even if they're gone for th… more »


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On Sunday night, talking with Paperboy, he reminded me of the song "Before The Throne of God Above," which is an old favorite of mine. I haven't heard that song in years, but from the second he dug it out of the pile of papers, I've had it on the brain… more »
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Reminiscings of a visit to a magnificent organ halla few years ago, scribbled on a crumpled piece of notepaper. I kinda like it, even after all this time. .... Bach stares down with furrowed eyebrows, so much so that my guilty conscience kicks in.… more »


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He's getting cocky now, looking straight at me and trying to make weird faces every so often. Dun dun DUUUUN. Time to make a clean break. It was fun while it lasted, kids. If you don't hear back from me in a month, you know what happened... more »
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...I get my Whopper and salad (because it balances out the Whopper), I eat them, have a lunchtime phone conference, and now I'm here at my favorite Chelmsford library, whiling away my hour until I have to go back to work. This cute little Sven-looki… more »


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I have repeatedly been told as of late that my blog is boring, that I am boring, that my life must be boring, and so on. However, I am pleased to announce that, at least, I have not been having a boring life. I have spent the past eleven days with Mark,… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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