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Reading through my favorite book of the Bible this morning, Hosea, I came across words in the margin that I probably wrote ten years ago; "God fulfills the promises we make but can't keep." I thought of Hosea and his sad but beautiful story where h… more »


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Had a rough four hours yesterday at work trying to subdue a poorly detoxing alcoholic heroin addict with a seizure disorder on top of it all. After several bouts with hospital security and belligerence and threats of volence towards the nurses (AKA - "b… more »


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Best thing, so far, about new appliances being delivered today??? PEELING OFF ALL THE MILLIONS OF STICKERS AND PROTECTIVE FILMS. If you think I'm kidding about this then you really don't know me very well at all. more »


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Yesterday I woke up to a new morning and a new house and a new, sunny spring-like day where I didn't wear a coat once for the entirety of it. And silence. No seventeen cars a second rushing past my bay window. No dogs barking. No 4AM sirens. Just silenc… more »


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Packing all day. Feet hurt. Arms hurt. Stretch mark on left side suspiciously longer than yesterday, I believe. Head hurts. Dust is invading my head. Sat down on the floor, the only place to sit, to eat supper, which was a Whopper... it looked la… more »


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Tomorrow morning, I'm buying a house. I'm overwhelmed and happy and excited and feeling somewhat old. Am I old yet? Probably not, judging by the alarming number of times my patients ask me things like, "When do you graduate highschool, honey?" and "So,… more »


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...growing up: Twinkie Cassie Cass Scooter Vern the past three months: Egg/Eggy Humpty Dumpty Dr. Robotnik more »


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I'm glad I have resources like the internet to help me get informed about life. My personal favorite is the airhorn. more »


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"It's been a long wintah...." Cleaning house inside. Lots of snow outside. Oh, New England. more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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