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Exciting Compliments and Ego Boosts


Exciting Compliments and Ego Boosts

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Had a rough four hours yesterday at work trying to subdue a poorly detoxing alcoholic heroin addict with a seizure disorder on top of it all. After several bouts with hospital security and belligerence and threats of volence towards the nurses (AKA - "bitches and whores," you know), we finally got him quieted down right at the end of my shift by popping him on a sedation drip and letting him sleep off some of his troubles.

After four hours of dealing with this and running up and down the halls every time his bed alarm went off when he tried to stand up on his wobbly legs to smoke his imaginary cigarette, I popped in to see him one more time and he was a little bit awake. He looked up at me and smiled with this pure sunshine beaming from him and said, in reverent tones, "Oh, Pam!!! You are lookin' GOOD, baby... You lost a LOT of weight!!!"

Oh, really?, I say, and guffaw out loud despite myself.

"Oh, yeeeeah! A LOT of weight!! Oh, baby, princess, you are so good to me... you're looking INCREDIBLE!!"

At this point he takes my hand and calls me a series of endearments - angel, baby, princess, honey, etcetera, and reiterates how good I am to him, I just take such good care of him and boy, I am looking good what with losing all that weight. All this as I stand there in my size Mens Medium Unisex Hospital Scrub top as a canopy over my seven-month pregnant belly.

I have to say, it was kinda flattering, but, oh... Poor Pam. That must be one large woman.


Comment from: Jen [Visitor] Email
JenYou make me laugh. :-D
03/20/09 @ 20:37
Comment from: Charlie [Visitor] Email
CharliePam must be a prize.
03/21/09 @ 07:26
Comment from: Heidi [Visitor] Email
Heidiwinner!! looker!! hehe
03/22/09 @ 00:05
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