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A dreary and rainy day, but somehow everything had a good positive lilt to it. I got out of my early morning eval with my manager in exchange for one in the early afternoon instead, and after an AM filled with dread, it all seemed to work out when I got a raise and some compliments. I've been there for two years and somehow with all the hoopla that my manager has had to deal with, I've managed to evade a yearly evaluation for.. two years. All was well, though. I spent the morning praying for a good attitude if things didn't go the way I wanted them to, and it wasn't until hours after I got home from my eval that I breathed a sigh of relief and realized I hadn't thanked God for doing just as I asked. Thanks, God. Seriously. Thanks.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the pleasant as always company of my Mom, sister, Chaz, and Amelia, making our typical family conversations - the kind that Mark calls "arguments." To call them arguments is truly a misnomer. We don't argue, we just like to be argumentative. Two different things. I missed escalating social commentary dialogue with Chaz after he'd been gone for two weeks as a shotgun instructor at camp, I was making up for lost time, and it was wonderful.

Just as soon (it seemed, anyhow) as I got home and fed the bambino a supper of Israeli couscous and chicken, I got a call from Tess asking whether I was bored tonight. Since Mark was gone for The Drewb's bachelor party of bowling and pizza, I took her up on her offer to have me pick her and our cousin Emily up and take them out.

Now here I am. Baby is bed. Typing up a useless blog. Happy. Waiting for Mark to be here. Happy.

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