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A deceptively chilly but sunshiney day. No plans until 1030 this morning, which seems like it is forever away at this point. Thankful that Christos anesti, alithos anesti, and He continues to live and continues to be risen, and continues to conquer death. Thankful for a faith that lets me celebrate His resurrection every day of my life, knowing that I live because He died.

Sad weekend at work. For a weekend that can be spent contemplating the resurrection of Christ, I spent an awful lot of time with actively dying people. Who won't be resurrected. This is their life, their chance at it, and now it's almost over for them. While you can never really know when your time will come, it must be pretty sobering to see it staring you right in the face when you do know it is imminently arriving to cut you off. I can see the sadness people have to see it coming, and the difficulty they have with reconciling that with the reality in their heads. Sometimes I don't know how to talk about this stuff, and I also don't know how to not talk about it, it eats away at me so much. Last night I was just thankful for a long drive home with Mark while he listened a lot and I talked a lot. He's good about that, and I needed it.

I did love yesterday, though, spent with people I know and love. I'm still full of food and time spent with my family, my grandparents, my aunt and uncle and their family, and the newest members of our family, the family of Drew's girlfriend, Amanda, who I already find myself loving after such a short time. Happy times.


Comment from: Charlie [Visitor] Email
CharlieI give this post an 8/10.
04/15/09 @ 05:41
Comment from: cassie [Member]
cassieGlad to see my overall scores are improving.
04/15/09 @ 14:15
Comment from: Heidi [Visitor] Email
Heidioh good chaz rated it. otherwise i wouldn't have known what to think of it. my opinions are easily swayed by polls.
04/18/09 @ 11:13
Comment from: Mom [Visitor] Email
MomHee, Heidi!
04/18/09 @ 17:59
Comment from: Charlie [Visitor] Email
CharlieI take the roll of the enemy for the people.
04/19/09 @ 13:42
Comment from: Heidi [Visitor] Email
Heidiroll. teehee.
04/23/09 @ 18:29
Comment from: Charlie [Visitor] Email
CharlieI meant rolos.
04/25/09 @ 19:50
Comment from: Heidi [Visitor] Email
Heidiyum. caramely.
04/25/09 @ 23:22
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