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Things I Plan on Doing When I Am No Longer Pregnant


Things I Plan on Doing When I Am No Longer Pregnant

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Wear pants sans elastic band.

Get up from a sitting position to standing without making this sound: "Urghhgmmph."

Sleep on my stomach.

Buy this shirt in a non-XL size.

Help to lift my patients at work again.

Go for a jog.

Not talk about labor and delivery stories.

Drink far too much coffee.

Go more than an hour without a pee break.

....May it ever be so, amen.


Comment from: Kate [Visitor]
KateAMEN and AMEN. Especially to the "Not talk about labor and delivery stories." and "Sleep on my stomach." I'm sure I'll agree with the others soon enough. ;)
09/06/11 @ 07:10
Comment from: Jen [Visitor]
JenWhen I think about how I felt when I was pregnant, I realize how human I actually feel now. Some days it is easy to forget that I actually have it good now. I am ecstatic when I remember that I've lost 40 pounds since then though. :-D
09/13/11 @ 14:23
Comment from: abbey [Visitor]
abbeyI shouldn't have read this. Good thoughts only, good thoughts only!! :)
10/07/11 @ 18:38
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