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Thankful days


Thankful days

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It's been a few years since I whipped up an official Thanksgiving post here, but I find myself very thankful every day for many of the things in my life. Might as well write them down for posterity, to remind myself of them at those weak moments when I lose sight of how precious it really all is.

Thankful for:

+ Quiet evenings on the couch holding hands with Mark

+ Long days at work that make our time at home even sweeter

+ A roof that keeps us dry in the rain and snow

+ My big kitchen window, from which I can look out and see Ray and Ted sword fighting in my yard

+ Jobs that pay our bills, feed us, and keep us warm

+ All of my patients who make me laugh with their sometimes inadvertent humor and cry with them in their sorrows

+ My Mum and sister who watch Amelia on the days I work and manage to love her as much as I do

+ My big kitchen and cozy home with plenty of room to have everyone I love come visit in it

+ My sister, Tess. It's nice to live next door to one of my best friends

+ A healthy, happy kid

+ Mark's warm arms

+ Eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to touch, hold, and heal. The capacity to sense and love and experience the world around me, in its limited scope, and a heart that tries to take it all in

+ A God who gives me life and who holds no good thing back from us.

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