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Date Night!


Date Night!

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You know you've been married a while when...

...You have Valentine's Day out two days early because you have to work the day after V-Day and don't want to be out too late.

...You have Early Valentine's Day (EVD) dinner at Chili's, using a giftcard you got for Christmas two years ago.

...You buy a router while you're out walking off the 1,000,000 Chili's calories at Best Buy.

...You top off the evening out by shopping for produce from the Reduced To Sell rack and...

...You are REALLY excited about the good deals you got there.

Now I'm drinking my green tea out of my favorite mug on the couch, getting stuff done from the comfort of my living room, and Mark's typing furiously next to me while he takes care of some weekday leftovers from work. Listening to the Beatles and Ben Folds. The perfect day.


Comment from: Kate [Visitor]
KateSounds perfect to me.
02/12/11 @ 19:58
Comment from: Jen [Visitor]
JenIt sounds good to me! Good planning and frugality! The first year we were married, we weren't planning on doing anything at all for V day. For some reason Tom got a hankering for a steak that night. I told him we wouldn't be able to find any place with a wait time under an hour. He didn't believe me. It's a Tuesday night, who eats out then? he said. We spent two hours driving around looking for a restaurant with available tables, until we were so hungry that we ate at Wendy's. That is my most memorable Valentines Day. :-)
02/13/11 @ 19:06
Comment from: Heidi [Visitor]
Heidilol :) you old married lady you!
02/15/11 @ 17:29
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