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Apt #12 And The Contents Thereof


Apt #12 And The Contents Thereof

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I remember falling in love last Wednesday. In the express line at the local Market Basket, I stood holding the front end of a shopping cart, Mrs. A tweedling along behind holding onto the plastic handle, her gigantic bundle of kale and three green bushy-topped carrots sitting in front of her like a child in the seat. I almost asked if I should buckle it all up with those useless child safety restraints that were never tight enough to fit skinny kids like the ones in my family, and probably did no good for those children of the chubbier bent.

Standing in line in front of me was a little peach-fuzzed head, probably six years old, with dark brown cow eyes as the makings of most of his face ? a RayRay, really ? clutching a loaf of French bread wrapped in a white and green paper bag, the loaf nearly dwarfing him in size, and possibly weight as well. The cashier smiled at him and told him he owed a dollar. In return, he plopped a handful of coins in her hand, half of which she handed back because it was too much, and he scuttled off out the electric doors and into the sunshine. I looked at the cashier and grinned, ?So cute,? and she agreed. We bagged up our groceries, I pulled the cart (and Mrs. A behind it) into the corral inside the store to leave it while we walked home. On my right arm, I positioned Mrs. A, and on my left, at least three times heavier, I hung three bagfuls of produce, and in that manner, we traipsed out of the store and into the sunshine ourselves. As we took a turn to the right to follow the contour of the building?s sidewalk home, I came upon my little latino RayRay, resplendent in his shorts and hooded sweatshirt three sizes too large, sitting on top of the mechanical, quarter-fed pony and enjoying the ride with an air of indifference, his French bread placed carefully on the base of the machine with two quarters beside it. After we passed by and had walked a few steps, his ride ended, so he flipped one leg over the pony?s back, lowered himself gingerly to the ground, picked up his enormous loaf of bread and quarters, and walked along behind us a bit until we got to the apartment stairs. While Mrs. A climbed up, I held open the door and asked if he was going in, which he was, and invited him through. He buzzed his apartment number, got let in by a little brother, and the two of them held open the door for me and my little old lady. Then the two boys walked down the stairs as Mrs. A and I went up, and, somewhere along the line, disappeared into apartment number twelve.


Comment from: ~`Christine [Visitor]
~`ChristineCUUUTE!!!! I love little kids like that, as compared to the hundreds of other little kids you want to smack because they're such brats in the food store... "MOM, I WANT OREOS! GIMME OREOS OR I'LL SCREAM SOME MORE" ... Them. I don't like them. They're EEEVVVVVVILLLL. ~`Christine
10/06/04 @ 06:43
Comment from: Crystal [Visitor]
CrystalI don't like their parents. :P
10/06/04 @ 11:09
Comment from: ~`C [Visitor]
~`CTrue, kids like that tend to have rich snobby parents who think oreos are a meal....
10/07/04 @ 07:49
Comment from: Crystal [Visitor]
CrystalOreos aren't a meal??!! Tee hee. Argh. Now I'm hungry for some.
10/07/04 @ 12:47
Comment from: Cassie [Visitor]
CassieAt this point in my college career, anything's a meal... ...of course, besides pickles, olives, aged cheeses, overripe fruits, chocolate, caffeine, bananas, yeasty items, etc... :)
10/07/04 @ 14:44
Comment from: novocaine mom [Visitor]
novocaine momI wish I could eat a meal!
10/07/04 @ 15:18
Comment from: [Visitor]
How about a meal worm?
10/08/04 @ 10:20
Comment from: [Visitor]
10/08/04 @ 17:38
Comment from: ~`C [Visitor]
~`CCollege students? They're addicted to Ramen Noodles. Nick has me to cook for him now and he needed some food last night and what does he ask me to make him? Ramen. .. It could be ANYTHING else. I'm a pretty decent cook. But nooo. He wanted RAMEN. ... The bum. ~`Christine
10/09/04 @ 07:05
Comment from: Crystal [Visitor]
CrystalCassie, this is completely and totally off-topic, but remember when you asked me if I knew a Chris Helgerson who goes to Grace? Well, I just found out this morning who he is, and further, he happens to be one of those people I've never gotten to know but of whom I have a very good opinion simply because I like the way they seem to handle themselves. I sat in front of him in Sunday school this morning, and I learned his name because my friend greeted him. At any rate, I was just curious how you know him.
10/10/04 @ 17:49
Comment from: Chris Helgerson [Visitor]
Chris HelgersonHi, my name is Chris Helgerson, I am currious, what church were you talking about? It is probably not me, but I just googled my own name, and this was near the top.
10/10/04 @ 18:00
Comment from: Cassie [Visitor]
Cassiehee. I'd love to, but can I email you, possibly, about it? It's nothing terribly secret, I just feel badly talking about someone you only know by sight right on my blog. heh.
10/10/04 @ 20:35
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