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So here's another thing. It's a blogging frenzy, I know. So many exciting things going on in life right now. Today, I finally put in my notice at my job on the CV surgical unit in NH. I've still got my five-minutes-from-home, pays-way-better job… more »
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Yes. Mark bought me Radiohead for Valentine's Day... well.. their newest album anyways. He always knows what makes me happy. I have simple tastes. I find it hard to branch out to too many different new authors because I have to read EVERYTHING writte… more »


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You know you've been married a while when... ...You have Valentine's Day out two days early because you have to work the day after V-Day and don't want to be out too late. ...You have Early Valentine's Day (EVD) dinner at Chili's, using a giftcar… more »


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How long can we be blanketed by all this snow and ice? I'm sure I post this nearly every year around this time. February is my least favorite month, dreary and only barely halfway through our cold season. This year - the snow, oh, the snow!… more »


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Today, I'm thankful that my husband still loves me. I read my Bible and these verses from Proverbs pop out at me like Bam! In Your Face! RED ALERT: THIS IS YOU, CASS! I've got a lot of those good Christian skills down pretty effectively. I pray often, l… more »

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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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