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Enjoying my kids today. One is snuggled up against me asleep, the other playing with her little farm animal playset on the floor. The Christmas tree is out on the lawn,  my kitchen once again open and no longer scattered with pine needles. Everything s… more »


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I'm trying to get back into control of my life these days. Pregnancy the second time around really did a number on that. I have a few goals to complete - getting back in shape physically and spiritually, reading more books, and reading through  my prof… more »


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This Christmas has not felt very seasonal this year. Perhaps it's the newborn exhaustion stage, the toddler exerting her independence about everything, the lack of sleep, or the lack of snow or true cold winter weather so typical of our usual experience… more »


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Wear pants sans elastic band. Get up from a sitting position to standing without making this sound: "Urghhgmmph." Sleep on my stomach. Buy this shirt in a non-XL size. Help to lift my patients at work again. Go for a jog. Not talk abou… more »


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See title. Any and all effects of my previous two years of awesome fitness have been wiped out by my weeks of rolling around on the couch, trying not to puke and attempting to sleep away my entire first trimester. Not really a possibility with a near-tw… more »

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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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