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...so many hilarious, depressing, crazy, exciting, happy things to write about, no time or motivation to write about them. It's getting to that midtermish area of the semester (yes, already.) and I'm studying for just such a midterm for tomorrow night. Yes, tomorrow night, as sick as that sounds.

So. Now, time for supper. Just letting you all know that I'm not dead.


Comment from: ~`Christine [Visitor]
~`ChristineHey there. I can totally feel for you. I've had an exam a week for the past three weeks on top of a quiz, and a lab report, each a week. I have an exam on friday and a massa amount of homework due then! .. So. I feel for you. *huggle* See you soon? Loves ya, ~`C
10/13/04 @ 18:44
Comment from: Crystal [Visitor]
CrystalFeeling the midterm pain with you, dear. Do you get a Fall Break after the madness?
10/13/04 @ 22:02
Comment from: mom of cass [Visitor]
mom of cassI checked out juxtapose.blogspot and that is NO WAY the guy for Cass. Quite dull, sporadic posts, egg-headish hmmm..I hope he doesn't read this post. He might ,however, be a good date for Drew!
10/14/04 @ 13:53
Comment from: Cassie [Visitor]
CassieI'm glad you guys have got my back, y0. :)
10/14/04 @ 14:57
Comment from: heidi [Visitor]
heidiheh. ya. i didnt bother to read his blog. seeing as his last post was May or something.
10/14/04 @ 17:49
Comment from: Nick [Visitor]
NickHi :D
10/14/04 @ 21:58
Comment from: Cassie [Visitor]
CassieHi, Nick. :D Velcommen.
10/15/04 @ 06:28
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