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Kalo Pascha. Yesterday, for our own little Greek Easter, we ate lamb and manestra and salad and peas and bread and coffee and ice cream. All together as a family, we relaxed and visited. It was wonderful to do nothing and be together. Now that The D… more »


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A long time ago, I was just a child, this little skinny sixteen year old working at a medical office, answering phones, making appointments, masquerading as something more mature and grown up. I found myself in a situation that was somewhat like a class… more »


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Work was a trainwreck today. Crying patients followed me everywhere, family members calling and telling me to tell the doctors things like, "I think the doctor should do something about the way that my mother doesn't exercise! I am a very involved son,… more »


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It is seriously, like, sixty-five degrees out or something. I am barefoot and in scrubs the color of green grass and there is sun and breeze whooshing through my house, sweeping out the stale, depressing winter air that's filled it all these dreadful… more »


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Since the other half/two thirds of the company (from Seattle and Ohio, respectively) were in Boston for a meeting of some sort, the company Mark works for had a dinner party last night at this restaurant in Boston's North End, Little Italy. I'm not gonn… more »


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#1 - Enormous 400lb Flamboyant Gay Patient: "Ha! Soooo, Doc! I guess I'm doing better than you thought I would, HUH?! I can't BELIVE I have proved you wrong, honey! You were sure I wasn't going to do well after the surgery because I AM FAT!!" Dry… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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