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Pray for me to not procrestinate and not be ridiculous about all my homework that's due in .5 seconds. Also pray that Mark gets this job that we think he's gonna get. I mean, I don't want to be snotty or anything, but I think he's pretty hip and tot… more »


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I love Rivier. You can totally graduate from the elementary ed program no sweat. We all bust our butts to make B's in every class while in clinicals and then pass and then take our boards and stuff, just so we can get a job. The people who party who are… more »


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I'm pretty stressed, but I think I'm okay overall. My computer kicked the bucket bigtime today, as did, like, EVERYONE ELSE'S in the house. I woke up this morning and "turned on" my computer (that's in quotes because the "turning on" is a misnomer) a… more »


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Just what I think God's done with me, He isn't. I don't really "get" that, but I try to appreciate it in my own piddly way, making me feel all the more insignificant and gnattish. I'm posting so nobody thinks I'm dead, basically. And I really did… more »


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So, SJ is back at school for the year and we will not, much to our dismay, be seeing her for a couple of months. I was thinking about how I missed her and so I hunted down one of my more recent shots of her and found all my birthday pictures from this y… more »


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So, I've been under fire lately for allegedly "b'dapping!". For those who don't know, to "b'dap!" is a verb, and it originates with my sister Tess. Tess is animated and happy, smart, witty, and sassy, but she's also sometimes the possessor of loud outbu… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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