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It occurs to me, on the eve of my 21st birthday, that not much has really changed with me all these years. I'm a little older, a little chubbier, a little more outgoing and a little less focused on myself these days (I hope). But the real thing that I n… more »


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I'm in a pretty good mood lately. I hate to harp on the fact, but this is kinda a big thing for me. Not that I'm usually in a bad mood or anything. It's just.. you know. My NCLEX is behind me, I've finally got a real degree under my belt after seven yea… more »


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Last night, Drew, Sven, Chaz, Tess and I all went over to the lovely Sarah Jo's house and had a campfire in a little fire pit we dug all by ourselves. We drank IBC rootbeer and cream soda in the fun glass bottles, made s'mores, and partook in the commun… more »


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Seriously, guys. This has been an awesome week. To top it all off, Mark got another date for a job interview up here and the apartment we wanted but didn't think would work out is starting to look like it might after all. God is good and gracious. But w… more »


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I really am in a great mood lately. I mean, I've cleaned my room, read a few books, gone to church, slept well at night, partied it up at bridal showers, written emails to tons of people who I've owed them to, listened to Oneiropagida's "Mikro Mustiko"… more »
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I think the Christina's cute Columbian husband looks in this picture looks just like a version of The Drewb when he was a little younger. But I especially love the expression, which is entirely Drew-like in all manner, shape and form. more »
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Paperboy: "Me, thinking while reading the first paragraph: 'I wonder if she's a Jethro Tull fan. If she is, she must have inherited it from her parents, especially her floutist mother.' Silly me." As luck would have it, no, I'm not a Jethro Tull fa… more »


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So... I finished my test on Friday and I'm just kinda wondering if it's a bad sign that both my Dad and Mark asked me at separate times and unbeknownst to each other if the fact that I have the test behind me now means that, "[I'm] not going to be crabb… more »


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I'm taking my NCLEX on Friday. If anyone has any good things to tell me about or or exciting/fun/silly/heartwarming experiences with the NCLEX, like, say, "Oh ho! I almost ran over a kitty cat on my way to the NCLEX but I didn't and later on driving hom… more »


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New photos up on Flickr. more »
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I bought Aqualung's ceedee a few months back because I heard one of his songs in the grocey store whilst shopping for lunch between classes. I never, besides this once, buy much of anything without reading up on it, listening to song samples, determinin… more »


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Being at home for the past week and a half with nothing to do besides stare at NCLEX books has given me some time to do a lot of nothing. My favorite way to study, however, is to sit on the living room couch where I can sit fairly quietly but still have… more »
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