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Classmate: "Wow, Cass. You've totally tapped into the whole 'boho' look." Me: "The bozo look? Definitely." Classmate: "No. Bo-HO. Bohemian? Mary Kate and Ashley? You know?" Me: "Oh! So that's a compliment. I mean, I guess." Classmate: "As if… more »


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Thanks to, I met the man of my dreams in just two months of premium membership! Whether its working summers on his grandparents' dairy farm, relaxing on the front porch in the sunset and drinking a nice glass of Southern Comfort and ice,… more »


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...I think... I think I am going to enjoy clinical this semester. The end is near. I'm excited. God is so good. more »


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Sooo. Since I'm going to Honduras in March for a mission trip (any funding is weeeeelcomed!) and since I'm pretty much blind without them, I've been worrying about what to do about my glasses situation. I only have one pair of glasses and a few backups… more »


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Driving three and a quarter hours for a one-hour commute to and from school: $6 Finding out classes are cancelled from 10AM on when you're at school for your 8AM class and buying a coffee to calm my nerves and keep me from ousting the Dean of the col… more »


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1. Start with six random, crazy facts about yourself. 2. Tag six people, who must then post six random facts about themselves, as well as these rules. 3. Make sure to post the names of the six people at the end of the post. 4. Leave the six people a… more »



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This is exactly how I feel tonight. more »


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Two new photosets up on my Flickr. Please review at your leisure. more »


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In the wake of the Holiday Hoopla, as glorious as it was, my boyfriend has once again been sent off in the airport back to home, my room is an unearthly mess, Sarah Jo's return to West Virginia is looming ominously and heart-wrenchingly over my head, I… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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