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You know when you're sleep-deprived and immunocompromised, and when you go down to the kitchen in the middle of the night to get a drink of water? So you're taking this long swig out of the stream out of the faucet, just kinda sticking your mouth right… more »
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I'm not sure what my compulsion to replace the word "throat" with "through" all the time is all about. more »
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You know I am. So Thanksgiving was wonderful and busy and crazy and everything like that. We had all these people over who were nowhere near related to us at all but who came to eat at our table with my family. It was just like a Thanksgiving shou… more »


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To illustrate what a colossal waste of New England's energy, money, and media the Red Sox are, look no further than the recent developments, an equally colossal head-nod to American consumerism. Damon, the babylove of ninety-eight percent of New England… more »


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Pressed against my ear, A sigh and breath away, Is a body and a face. For forty-five a month, He speaks to me, And it is well worth it. So I wait, chest compressed, Lumpy-throated and Water-eyed in the dark, Wishing you would warm My left si… more »


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I waited for an hour today in the lobby of Memorial Hall, my ears plugged with the sound of Smalltown Poets and their beautiful poetry, my eyes fastened on Colossians, my legs folded beneath me and my jacket wrapped tight against the chill of the doors… more »
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As of 3:30PM today, I am finished with all finals. This means that tomorrow I can sleep in, tomorrow I get to go to our N-Student End-Of-The-Year party, Saturday it's to a Christmas party with my parents and Sven, next week Mark will be here, and Christ… more »


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So here's the skinny - +Micro final = DONE!!!!! No more talking about shigella in the ladies room, no more drinking excessive amounts of Dunkin' Donuts coffee in order to stay awake in the AM classes so I can take excessive notes on virulence f… more »


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Drunk people are boring, tiresome, and also, boring. Without explaining every boring detail as to why I was hanging around with drunk people, a few of my friends from clinicals and I went to eat at a Mexican restaurant near school for lunch. We were cel… more »


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I don't watch creepy movies very much, but when I do, I get creeped out. Thankfully, I have brothers who like to protect me by giving me a thick skin. After a long day of school and exams, I opened up my bedroom door, flicked the lights, and nearly bang… more »


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I have been scarred so deep by life and cold despair, and brittle bones were broken far beyond repair. I have leveled lies so deep, the truth may never find. And inside my faithless heart, I stole things never mine. If mercy falls upon the brok… more »


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Two words for tonight's bedtime happenings, as related to the showing of the evening: Night. Light. more »
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