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The Yearly List. I am thankful for: -Family -My Bible -Sarah Jo's visit home -The way my Micro teacher calls squamous cells "skwAHHH-muss" cells. -My car, Nessie -Paloozas -Emvee -Hugs from Mum after a long day of school and work -Warm sw… more »


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"And You know the plans that You have for me And You can't plan the end and not plan the means And so I suppose I just need some peace Just to get me to sleep." Welcome home, SJ. We missed you so. more »
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Ugh. Clinical mornings. more »


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This is my fourteenth cumulative year in TAWAKAT/AWANA. I spent six years actually in the program as a kid, and I've spent the last eight teaching and working, as have Drewey and Chaz. Tess and Ray are still in the program, and I hope it's still around… more »


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It's a really incredible thing to be working on an obstetrics floor right now. My mother talks, sometimes, with such a fondness for teeny-weeny babies that it really always confused me. In my primitive logic, it's always been: Babies = lots of work,… more »


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Yes. Yes. You know it. Bring it on, yes, you. Bring it on, Crazy Ethno-culturally Sensitive Professor of Sociology Who Never Hands Anything Back To Us Graded Until Four Weeks After We Hand It In. Mark says I am the best writer ever. I kinda laughe… more »


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One of my favorite things to do when I'm trying to write a sociology paper and I'm really bored and all alone in my room is to browse Toothpastefordinner and try to find all the possible references I could make to Mrs. A and her many old wives tales and… more »


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I like to think I'm the reasonable type. I put a fair amount of work into my classes, I try to get to sleep at fair times every night, I don't drink, don't do the MJ, don't participate in Riv's famous Thirsty Thursdays, and don't come into clinical stil… more »


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God has been doing this humbling thing on me all this week and last, and I guess this whole semester, really. I feel like I'm in over my head. I'm also feeling very humbled, andnow I just want to pray that I'll pass. more »


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I hate Actinomyces. That is all. Goodnight. Over and out. 10-4, good buddy. This is going to be a late night. more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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