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...I would like to wish one of my oldest, dearest, strangest, and blondest friends a very, very happy birthday. Her name is Sar. more »


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I am happy. I feel like I'm in my prime, my twentieth fast approaching to overwhelm me, once again, with the joys of another year. All the same, it sometimes seems like a loss of another year - but I try not to think about that too much. Every day is… more »


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All these movies are always made nowadays for kids that are all about payback and chain reactions, teaching them to do nice stuff because, of course, if you do nice stuff to random people, eventually you're bound to get some accolades in return for smil… more »


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Today was such a blog entry in the making. Really. So much so that it kills me to have to post a teaser to remind myself to do so in the near future. For now, I'm off to bed in search of sleep before early AM clinicals tomorrow. Is everyone else… more »


Permalink 02:03:00 pm by cassie, Categories: Announcements [A] us a favor... next time you decide to writhe around the floor in pain, GIVE US A CALL!!!! :) This is to alert everyone that my Grammy needs prayer. Yes, that means YOU! (Also, that she's totally hip and has a blog and flickr and… more »


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I'm falling in love with psych. I will never work as a psych nurse, because it would never allow me to do the things I felt necessary to do under the rules of the ward, but still. I love it. I am in the adolescent unit and again, loving it. After my fir… more »


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I've been sitting here all afternoon and I've got, like, a paragraph of my paper done. Shoot me now. It's too nice outside; I can't concentrate! I think it's all because I can't work without being under pressure. At least as far as papers go. I me… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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