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The dimming of the lights, A little here, A little..... there. It may yet be true that The Joy of Jesus may only be The title of self-help instructional And Convenience is only Legitimate When it falls under category: W is for Worship… more »


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Comcast has been down, I have been crazy busy with school, finals are upcoming, and my parents have been away for the weekend. This is my excuse for not returning some emails and such. This shall be amended shortly. For now, check my flickr for up… more »


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Not to push down my highly intellectually stimulating commentary on B. Spears and K. Fed's progeny, and not to make light of such an occasion (because we all KNOW that I'd never make light about sugh a thing...), but I felt I had to share these with eve… more »
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Yesterday, as I arrived at 7AM to school to do my presentation with my clinical girls in front of our whole nursing class, I was greeted with a resounding, "GUESS WHAT?!?!!," their faces beaming and blooming and blushing with the thrill of excitement, j… more »


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It's nights like these when, returning home from working late and a midnight drive home in the glorious dark, I find myself, teeth brushed to a squeaky shine, and hair braided long down my back, lying utterly awake and alone in my bed. I turn to the lef… more »


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...over marshmallows! more »


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Drewey, I think Dave is trying to beat you in the awesome hair department. Be afraid, be very afraid. more »


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With the coming of spring, everything in me intensifies. My feet feel lighter, my knees don't seem to ache as easily, I feel like running the track and singing arias and driving with the windows down. So I've been doing most of that. With the onset… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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