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Once, I had this patient. He was an old, old man - Ninety-and two (To be exact). And this old man was confused, He was mumbling, And rambling. He was six feet even, And he weighed the number of his age. His mouth open, catching flies, Sitting… more »


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I've barely been awake all day. Little to no sleep last night, too many thoughts, too many exams, too much to do, and too much procrastination all were contributing factors. I floated home after class this morning to take a nap at 11AM, which was an all… more »
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...just when you think you can get away with being nasty, mean, and authoritarian in life, don't forget - Cupid is WATCHING you... more »


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So, sometimes it gets a little tough up here in the liberal, smarmy, stuffy, Democrat northeast to explain my schooling history. Now that I've been in college for a considerable number of years (6, to be precise), the subject doesn't come up nearly as m… more »


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Pats win. That is all. Goodnight. more »


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Never tell your students that the grades from their first exam will be posted "before the weekend" on Friday when they won't be. Knowing that this grade can make or break my ability to stay in the nursing program really puts me on a bit of an edge. Post… more »


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No, I mean it. Don't be. I find love in a lot of unexpected places. I'm in the midst of fretting about an exam. I have been for two weeks, really.. every spare moment has been taken up by plotting out electrolyte levels, making up index cards, and… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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