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Had a Moviepalooza last night. The Bourne Identity AND Supremacy back-to-back, baby. To whoever was unable to attend (and there were many), I must not neglect to tell you: I am sorry for your loss. No pictures were taken, as I was too busy revelli… more »


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I have been held at gunpoint (several times, in fact) and told to post pictures of snow, family... whatever. So now, for your reading/viewing entertainment, I present a photoblog of selections and highlights from the December-January bowels of my camera… more »


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Thirty-eight and still falling. It's decptively... white... out there. A tranquil color, yes. One of cleanliness and purity, yes. But thirty-eight inches of it is everywhere, from our doors to the street to the cars to the roof. Baby, it's cold outside. more »


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So, anyways, folks. Tonight SJ, Drew, Charlie, and I all booked it to our new hangout, where we will soon be deemed regulars, "Pizza Club." Pizza Club is slightly greasy in a tasteful way. It has booths that are mostly all broken in some aspect (the bac… more »


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This morning, I left for school in the balmy 2 degree weather. In my double-layer scrubs, white nursing shoes, NSTM sweatshirt, and scarf, I nearly felt professional. Even in my terrified, knee-knocking, "I wish I could go back to the womb right now," n… more »


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I love how my father thinks he's so hardcore because he blogs at work. Like he's Jason Kottke or something. You wish, Dad, YOU WISH. more »


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...we found some hoodlums utilizing one of the more heinous methods of street graffiti - before our very eyes! Apparently, the Drewberry Legend has travelled far in its infancy - to the very epicenter of downtown Richmond, down 20th street, and into the… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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