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I'll just have you know, that it's girls like you, with curls like yours, who made me cry every special occasion morning. You know, those mornings before some wedding I was in or recital I was to sing for. Those mornings? oh, those mornings when I sle… more »


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After a day of particularly disciplined (for the most part) studying, and a night of being out on the town with Dani and Sar, my room looks a lot like the victim of a frat party. Perhaps it?s due to the brown bottles strewn around the room on top of t… more »


Permalink 02:13:00 pm by cassie, Categories: Announcements [A] many hilarious, depressing, crazy, exciting, happy things to write about, no time or motivation to write about them. It's getting to that midtermish area of the semester (yes, already.) and I'm studying for just such a midterm for tomorrow night.… more »


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I remember falling in love last Wednesday. In the express line at the local Market Basket, I stood holding the front end of a shopping cart, Mrs. A tweedling along behind holding onto the plastic handle, her gigantic bundle of kale and three green bushy… more »


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I drove to school at seven this morning in the most ridiculously thick fog I've ever experienced. It was somewhat foggy leaving my street, but it wasn't until about a mile up the way that it became so absurd that I opened up my window for a moment to se… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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