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If mercy were two mirrors, facing one another and reflecting in their panels the infinitude of space and distance, His mercy would be greater. And falling into it, I, lost in the possessive amnion of its mystery, would only see one thing, smothering me… more »


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Is there something I am NOT getting? nayrb | 09.26.04 - 3:52 pm | # Almost always Nayrb, almost always. Anonymous | 09.26.04 - 8:16 pm | # Wow, I am surprised!! nayrb | 09.26.04 - 9:18 pm | # heh thats funny cause im not at all. Anonymous |… more »


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So I sat there, in my car, exhausted from an 8AM to 9PM day of school. Prior to arriving in the seat, I had sat in an art class (I had to take a free elective in order to stay full-time), watching fairly boring biographical films on Hildegard Von Bingha… more »


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Drew and Sarah Jo reminded me privily that tomorrow be "Talk Like a Pirate" Day. Arrr. more »


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We observe the passings of two cultural icons of our time: Johnny Ramone and My Watch. Both passed on peacefully, with dignity and in their respective sleeps. RIP. more »


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...and, I confess, guys, I'm already overwhelmed. I've only been to my nursing fundementals class, its lab, and Political Philosophy as of today, at this moment, and already my head is clouded over with strain and worries and stress. I knew it would be… more »


Permalink 04:28:00 pm by cassie, Categories: Announcements [A], for the first time in my three-ish years of secular college experience here in liberal New England, I met a born-again Christian. God is very good to me. more »
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This was a most marvelous weekend, even with stomach bugs and no sleep. I never would have expected that the ugly Friday morning I experienced just recently would have morphed so abruptly into the nonstop three-day sweetness of visiting with very old fr… more »


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She is... incredible. Incredible also is the fact that God knows exactly what I need. In the comfort of a belly full of McChicken and fries, Sarah Jo and I sat in McDonald's benches for three and a half hours talking. ABout God, about life, friends, fam… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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