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While I have the motivation, let me just say - this has been a wonderful vacation. Good friends, good food, good times. It might as well have been a Hallmark commercial. Firstly, the yurt was wonderful and incredibly spacious, considering that it had… more »


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I'm all partied out. The wedding is done, Mark is back in VA, I'm back from a weekend trip out to NY with Sar to see Kate and Jennee, and Sar is in my living room, where she belongs, watching my teevee. I'm exhausted. Pictures and commentary… more »


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...and schooling me on the rigors of Southern Culture for when we travel to Ar-kan-sas on Thursday. I think I've figured out correct pronunciations and the merits of fishing and otherwise the value of rodeos and such and therefore will survive the South… more »


Permalink 07:15:00 pm by cassie, Categories: Announcements [A] Ray Charles. How sad. Cultural icons. Gone. more »


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...word is on the street that in four days, my friend will be here. Huzzah! more »
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...quiet. Busy. Tiring. I had work this morning and CPR/AED training tonight, and now I am home and it is almost eleven, and everything is swirling around in my brain. It has been so hot and muggy out today, the steams making me sweaty and lumpy and rel… more »


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...enough doom and gloom for now. My morbidity needn't affect my blogging by shutting it down completely. New and relevant items on my plate currently include: +Prepping for The Veddink (A+B) +Searching for The Shorts. They're not too short… more »


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...I pulled a neighbor's dog from the pool. We were called down there by the neighbor's mother-in-law, who was all alone as her daughter and son-in-law were at work. There was one dog on top of the poolcover, and we thought that was the only one. We pul… more »


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Quick recap (stolen from an email to M): Saturday morning - Went to the NSTM graduation, where Stephen gradjigated from the one-year program. He was supposed to drive home this weekend, but his brakeline blew on Thursday or something. So I guess he's… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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