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So. Three really great things. Ready? Ready. 1. My last paper of the school year is DONE. Done. It's a completely useless paper, in my opinion, because it concerns a completely useless subject (also in my opinion), but it's done. Rejoice. 2. My la… more »


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Quote of the day, courtesy of my history prof, Dr. M, who, might I add, is an incredibly smart man, however snobbily intellectual he might seem at times. He's actually very understanding and reasonable, but when he gets on a crusade, you can only grin.… more »


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...and try to remember the Seinfeld episode, you can read Chaz' blag... err.. I mean, "blog." As an aside - I think Mark is trying to win over all the people in my house as well as he can before he comes up here to visit in June, so that he will g… more »
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There was some incident that I was talking about with my mom the other day, and we were saying how it was worthy of being a Seinfeld episode (my life IS a big Seinfeld episode), and then some friends and I were tlaking about Seinfeld today as well, and… more »


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So as I was driving home from school yesterday, I had the distinct impression that spring is here. It was 82 degrees out, the sun was shining, and I, despite my tired state, was overjoyed. It was like, everyone had their windows open, their sunro… more »


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Hallelujah, and I mean HALLELUJAH, for the weather for tomorrow. 85 degrees. Eait-ee-feyeve. more »
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Turning in for the night. Got back from a refreshing reflection on the Holocaust by author Daniel Asa Rose. I only regret that I didn't have anywhere near the twenty-five dollars it would have cost be to buy his book so that I could have him sign it. I'… more »
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The Seven-Papers-Due-Before-Thursday body count is currently at 2. Five to go. The sleep tally since last Monday is somewhere around thirty. It's times like these that I truly with I could take naps. But, alas, if I'm awake, I'm awake, and my body won't… more »


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I think one of my classmates was wearing a "Boys Please" t-shirt at school the other day. Or something to that effect, anyhow. Yeah. The one in the denim, acid-wash cutoff miniskirt in the 30 degree weather. She also has an all-over tan that goes alllll… more »


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You know you have a good thing going when, after a one-AM night of debating back and forth with her, your dearest friend calls you bright and early the next morning with the opening line, "I just wanted to call and say I'm sorry before you write somethi… more »


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See subject. Good passion-week. Happy Resurrection Sunday. Praise our God and Messiah for His undeniable sacrifice for us. As I eat the lamb, may I be mindful the He is our Lamb, and be joyful also for our freedom from a Law previously fulfil… more »


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I have a long-overdue thank you to pay someone who will never read this, probably. Thank you, you. You have been a friend for so long. I am, really, the luckiest. I wish everything, sometimes, could always stay the same. I heard that song play yesterday… more »


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...Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston, for Lit. I know this sounds terrible, but I really, really don't know what to think of it. I know it's a classic, supposedly, and you know, everyone is supposed to revere those classics like they'r… more »


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...For unexpected deadlines to papers, therefore making me finish them quickly, in one fell swoop. ...for malls and fried rice and interesting people to look at. ...for cars that run and smell like leather and swamp. ...for Starburst jellybeans. ...… more »


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Sometimes, when I was young, maybe three, or four, or maybe five or six, my family (or what there was of us at the time) would be driving home from my Yiayia?s late on a Sunday night, probably even at such an hour as nine PM, if you can imagine it. We… more »
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The concept is stolen from some random RI post, somewhere, the URL of which I am too lazy to search out and retrieve with this slow little computer. I'm not going to get all theological and spiritual on you guys either, so don't be all up on me like, "A… more »


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sowickedawesome: Hey ya sowickedawesome: heeey ya selectascreennm: alrightalrightalrightalright. sowickedawesome: shake it.. shakesh-shakeit shakeit shshake it shakeitshshakeit shakeitlike a compact flash card sowickedawesome: heh more »
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