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And we skid over the slick surface of our unhappiness, Acting as if we're high on this veneer of smiles. From one minute to the next our facets shift, A different face for every form for every moment. Breathless nights and chilly mornings, Pour our… more »


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To see only half of the world before me, My legs are not tall enough to reach the top shelf. To fall upon my face as a child, Grabbing the pant-leg of those above me, I often wonder - When will I ever grow up? more »


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I am currently entrenched in two books. The first is, supposedly, the complete works of E.A. Poe. I love Poe. I have loved him since I was ten years old. His perfect blend of madness, saneness, and genius has always been enthralling to me. I think I lik… more »


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So. There are these two cool chicks all in the know at Mirrored, and I think they saw me here in my little black corner, moaning, whining, sniffling, and wiping my nose on my proverbial sweater-sleeve, and felt pity on me. Sort of a "Hey, let's turn thi… more »


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We had him for 11 years, after my brother Andrew found him wandering in front of the firing line at a black powder shoot at our sportsman's club. Andrew bravely saved him, and at the time, little Chaddy was put into a styrofoam coffee cup. He fit into t… more »


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Tomorrow, at 10 AM, while I sit in philosophy class trying fruitlessly to concentrate, my Yia will be transported into hospice at a nursing home. It'll be a good thing for her, to be taken good care of. I hope they'll take good care of her, but if they… more »


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So I hate to bump down that deliciously long and heartfelt post of mine with deliciously long and heartfelt replies to it, but I just have to vent a quick frustration - If I get.. one more.. email. One more.. about how "Some Christian likes you" fr… more »


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Okay, so, on the note of my heretical and blasphemous Bible class that I am required to take for school - Despite the fact that I should have long fulfilled the "Biblical Studies" class requirement by my three years of Theology College, I have to take a… more »


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John, Steve, and Dave, I have indeed jumped on the bandwagon of A Day In The Life. .Woke at 7 AM .Checked my email, phone, and schedule book .Thought about cramming for a Critical Reasoning test, but realized I had already studied well for it .Sh… more »


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For the benefit of all ye who do not talk to me on at least a semi-daily basis, I'll give you some background to my story-to-come. About a year ago, when I was just beginning school, I was outside one day studying homework or somesuch on our littl… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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