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My friend Sarah Jo has a gorgeous cousin. I don't usually go for good-looking guys for any good reason, unless they have a great personality. But, anyways, he does. Did I mention he's good looking? Anyways, yeah. He's been floating around the pasto… more »


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Today, I came home from work and sat eating my pizza at the dining room table. I was hungry. Terribly hungry. I ate five pieces, and they were large. Sal's Pizza, if you must know, and they don't skimp (nineteen inch large pizzas)! Midway through slice… more »


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Whilst listening to some music last night at midnight, I had some thoughts. I was curled up on my futon with a pillow clutched to my chest in a fetal position (I wasn't feeling all too well yesterday), and I'm sure I looked absolutely ridiculous. My sto… more »


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I find it interesting that the very people who consistently and vehemently declare that, "God uses all sorts of people for His glory, even those who aren't in the norm!!!" (referring, of course, to the relative freaks and geeks of society, i.e., goths,… more »


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Guys, I'm serious. Right now. Get off your computer, turn off that Saves The Day on the stereo, put on your Rock For Life hoodies, and get your bum to a Wal*Mart/KMart/Target immediately. Serious, guys. Go to the bargain store of your choice, get yourse… more »


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I am petitioning for Sar to come with me to a Greek dance/picnic this Sunday (after morning service, you judgers!). It's called the Logganiko picnic, and I feel that it is very aptly named, considering that it is run by the Logganiko Society. This may m… more »


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The star, a different angle A different angle for every perspective, A different view from every angle. From every perspective. Glimmering blue of a sapphire, Fire of stone, Beset in a crown of silver. I am yet thirteen. "It will be yours." W… more »


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WELL. I did, in fact, get my Strongbad teeshirt (it's lovely), and my birthday did, indeed, go by. I'm now legal to get married, smoke, and go to the doctors on my own. Thrilling. I have many wonderful stories that I'm currently trying to recall, but pr… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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