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You know, I have only really known my friend Handz for about nine months, and I like her a lot. She's a lot of fun. She's jolly and rosy-round-cheeked and she have the most infectious laugh when she really gets going. I think it's simply splendiferous t… more »


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In preparation for this upcoming week of spring-break-ish-ness, and in considering the eminence of my fast-approaching (actual) birthday in July, I have spent many grueling hours compiling a definitive list of preferred birthday items to receive (note:… more »
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Everyone! I have a confession to make: I don't like dogs. Not a lot. Not a little. I just don't think they're all that great. If someone in Taiwan or something asked me to eat one, I'd do it. I don't like those dumb dog bandana things, I'm not big… more »


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The contents of the s, which were unceremoniously deleted from my post. Read this between the s.: Okay, so lately, I've been pretty busy. I've had about four papers to get done up until today, and I've had big midterms and exams to study for, so I've… more »
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An re-vamped extraction from a recent email to the lovely and balogious** Cordahlia: more »


Permalink 10:17:00 am by cassie, Categories: Announcements [A] is great for two things: 1 - Referral to interesting news that either isn't on TV, or that I never would have noticed otherwise. 2 - Referral to interesting information that is completely useless in le grande scheme of life. Bo… more »


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I have now participated in my first rally. I am such a dork, too, I had so much fun. I knew really nobody there, except my friend Sarah Jo, who I was only going to drop off at first. Then I ended up staying and having a grand old time. It was cool, tho… more »


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A ninety-six on my Theology of Prayer Midterm. Woop, woop! It's my birthday, it's my birthday! And the peasants... rejoice. In other news... Tonight is TAWAKT, for which I have to teach. For Benjamin's sake, I should say that my little broth… more »


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Before going on, I just had to give it up for Cordahlia, for his picture of me in the John Deere Pinto. My dad thought it was funny, anyways. :P ANYWAYS. For this one class in school, Theology of Prayer (err.. Doctrine of Prayer..? I don't remember… more »


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At the request of the lovely Christina (whose proverbial feet I kiss in the coolness/interestingness department), I have added yet more faux-toes for your viewing pleasure. (Yes, I have mom and Dad Anganes in there too) Also included is an interesting p… more »


Permalink 07:15:00 pm by cassie, Categories: Announcements [A] Isn't my Teddy so cute? more »
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