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I'm sorry, I really am. Again I've failed someone I love. How can I say this without all those darn cliché's? It's only been three months since I let you go. (I'm still kicking myself) Was I thinking straight? Are my convictions safe? Am I doome… more »


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I just totalled my car yesterday. *moans* Only God knows what happens now. more »


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I hate it when I have the highest of faith in particular people, and then they dissapoint me. Of course I know that all people are sinners, of course I know that we all fall, of course, of course. But I sure would have thought that some of them had a lo… more »


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It seemed like a slow afternoon on the rez. The missions team was rather tired, having been on the field for six days already. Six days of nearly no sleep and jet lag combined. Yet, it was seemingly an empty afternoon. We had finished the VBS session by… more »
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I like to multi-task: wife, writer, nurse, Christian, ne'er do well. I do all with equal gusto.


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